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About Us

The Franklin Housing Authority (FHA) has been providing safe, decent, affordable housing to the Franklin community since 1953. Over the years, the role of the FHA has expanded to include social service programming to assist residents on their paths to self-sufficiency. 

In 2010, the FHA through the development of a master housing plan began to change the face of public housing in the community. The goal is to tear down or renovate all the original 308 public housing units and replace them with new, updated units as well as increasing the number of units available for low-income families.

Today, the FHA has completed several phases of the plan and added units available for the low-income community in Franklin. Over 300 families are being served in housing managed by the FHA with construction to begin in 2021 on 76 additional units. Our Section 8 voucher program is diverse. We have ten veterans accommodated through the VASH voucher program and 16 families through the Mainstream voucher program. The 19-county Homeless No More program serves another 55 families by providing housing and referrals to services to families experiencing homelessness. 

The social services department of the FHA serves residents working toward homeownership, those needing to improve their job situation and those seeking resources for self-sufficiency. Staff also work with senior residents to assist them with aging in place. The FOURS Scholarship program exists to cover the gap in funding for those graduating from high school in and FHA as they pursue a degree at a 4-year college, community college or trade school.