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Housing Programs

Over 300 families are being served in housing managed by the FHA.

FHA offers housing through multiple programs including:

  • Public Housing
  • Section 8 Vouchers
  • VASH Vouchers
  • Mainstream Vouchers
  • Homeless No More

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Project-Based Voucher Waiting List - CLOSED


15.1.1 FHA Non-competitive selection for projects in which FHA has an ownership interest or control.

As outlined by the Housing Opportunity through Modernization Act of 2016 (HOTMA), FHA may agree to enter an Agreement to Enter a Housing Assistance Payment Contract (FHAP) or a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract without following a competitive process if FHA has "ownership interest or control of" the project. In order to be non-competitively selected, the units must be eligible for PBV assistance in accordance with 24 CFR §983.53, and the selection of the units must satisfy all other statutory and regulatory requirements of the PBV program.

FHA may choose to have an independent entity, or request that the local HUD Office of Public Housing review FHA's PBV selection process.

FHA will also meet the following conditions for non-competitive selection:

  1. FHA must be engaged in an initiative to improve, develop, or replace the public housing properties or sites to which the PBV will be attached. The public housing properties or sites may be in the public housing inventory or they may have been removed from the public housing inventory through any available legal removal tool (which may include but is not limited to disposition or demolition under Section 18 of the Act, voluntary conversion under Section 22 of the Act, or required conversion under Section 33 of the Act) within 5 years of the date on which FHA entered into the FHAP or HAP pursuant to the non-competitive
  2. If FHA plans rehabilitation or new construction, a minimum threshold of $25,000 in hard costs per-unit is required.
  3. If FHA plans to replace public housing by attaching project-based assistance to existing housing in which FHA has an ownership interest or over which FHA has control, then the
  4. $25,000 per-unit minimum threshold does not apply as long as the existing housing substantially complies with HUD's National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate. Existing housing will be deemed to substantially comply with HUD's National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate if there are no conditions posing an imminent threat to the safety or health of the resident, and FHA has plans to correct all other defects within ninety (90) days of selection.

PHA Ownership Interest: FHA or its officers, employees, or agents are in an entity that holds any direct or indirect interest in the project where the units are located, including, but not limited to, an interest as any of the following: Titleholder, Lessee, Stockholder, Member, or general or limited partner, or Member of a limited liability company. For the purposes of this exception, a "PHA ownership interest" also includes a scenario in which FHA is the lessor of the ground lease for the land upon which the PBV project to improve, develop, or replace the public housing property is located or will be constructed. Importantly, however, "PHA ownership interest" as defined for the purpose of this provision does not necessarily equate with the definition of "PHA-owned" as defined elsewhere in HOTMA or in other HUD programming and regulations.

Public Housing Waiting List - CLOSED

Section 8 Waiting List - CLOSED

Click here to view the Section 8 Landlord Listing

Mainstream Voucher Program - CLOSED


When applying, applicants must bring the following documents:

  • Birth Certificates for all household members
  • Identification for all adult household members (18+)
  • Social Security Cards for all household members
  • If you have a bank account: 6 months of checking statements and 1 month of savings statements
  • Income and Asset verifications:
    • If employed: 2 current consecutive pay stubs
    • If receiving Disability and/or Social Security benefits: Current Benefits Letter and Direct Express card and balance inquiry printout; or Pay Cards and Balance Inquiry printout