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Cherokee Place Apartments

Unit Sizes Available: 1, 2, 3 bedroom units

One (1) Bedroom........$775-$850

Two (2) Bedroom........$900-$1,000

Three (3) Bedroom........$961-$1,250

contact information and times for applications:

Melissa Martin l l 615-721-8445
302 Battlement Avenue, Monday - Thursday 8 am - 4pm and by appointment after hours

This is an affordable site with maximum income limits and restrictions based on the number of occupants.

Cherokee Leasing Flyer


Applicants must bring the following documents:

  • Valid Photo ID's for all adult household members (18 years & up)
  • Social Security Cards for all adult and minor household members
  • Birth Certificates for all adult and minor household members
  • If you have a bank account: Last six (6) consecutive checking statements/one (1) month savings statement
  • If you are employed: Last six (6) consecutive paystubs from each employer, Direct Express Card and balance inquiry statement or pay cards and balance inquiry statement
  • If you currently have a 401k and/or pension: Current 401k/Pension balance statements
  • Current TANF Award Letter from DHS *cash benefits only* dated within 120 days of application date
  • Current Social Security/SSI Benefit Award letter dated within 120 days of application date
  • Current Child Support Order, dated within 120 days of application date, and/or 1-year Child Support payment history

Public Housing Waiting List - CLOSED

Section 8 Waiting List - CLOSED

Project-Based Voucher Waiting List - CLOSED

Mainstream Voucher Program - CLOSED


Over 300 families are being served in housing managed by the FHA.

FHA offers housing through multiple programs including:

  • Public Housing
  • Section 8 Vouchers
  • VASH Vouchers
  • Mainstream Vouchers
  • Homeless No More

Contact us for more information about our housing options.


Section 8 Landlord Listing

Franklin Housing Authority Housing Choice Voucher Landlord Listings 2022.docx