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How to Apply for Housing

Park Street Apartments currently has a 2 bedroom available. Please see below regarding the application process.

When applications are taken, applicants must meet eligibility requirements included below.

Interested applicants for public housing must meet five eligibility requirements for admission:

  • Qualify as a family
  • Have an income within the income limits
  • Meet citizenship/eligible immigrant criteria
  • Provide documentation of Social Security cards and birth certificates (required at the time of application submission)
  • Sign consent authorization documents
    In addition to the eligibility criteria, families must also meet the Franklin Housing Authority's screening criteria in order to be admitted to public housing. 

All applications must include the following:

  • Proof of income for everyone in the household
  • Authorization Release Form (HUD 9886)
  • Picture identification for all adults
  • Social Security cards for everyone in the household
  • Date of birth of each member to be in the household (birth certificate)
  • Name, address, phone number of present and previous landlords for the past five years
  • Childcare Expense and Medical Insurance Expense
  • Citizenship of everyone in the household
  • Fraud signature
  • Assets (banking, savings, checking, retirement, insurances, inheritances, etc.)

Please note: The Franklin Housing Authority is smoke-free.