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Contact A Member of Our Team

Derwin Jackson President & CEO Derwin Jackson, President & CEO
Susan-Minor.jpg Susan Minor, Vice President - Operations
615-794-1247, ext. 229
E-mail Susan

Vicky Mealer 615-794-1247, ext. 202
Accounting Manager E-mail Vicky
Tracey Radick 615-794-1247, ext. 230
Bookkeeper E-mail Tracey

Lindsi Green, HCCP, PHM 615-794-1247, ext. 205
Director of Grants & Administration E-mail Lindsi
Aida Donovan 615-794-1247
Administrative Assistant E-mail Aida
Cindy Walton 615-794-1247, ext. 209
Administrative Assistant E-mail Cindy

Housing Operations  
Tena Hardy-Payne 615-794-1247, ext. 212
Director of Housing Operations E-mail Tena
Ashley Thomas 615-794-1247, ext. 204
HCV Specialist E-mail Ashley

Social Service Coordinators  
Chris Ward 615-794-1247, ext. 213
FSS Coordinator E-mail Chris
John Davis 615-794-1247, ext. 231
ROSS Coordinator E-mail John

Case Managers  
Brandi Imbush E-mail Brandi
Cheryl Lyle E-mail Cheryl
Maurice Head 615-794-1247, ext. 208
  E-mail Maurice
Tanisha Moore 615-794-1247, ext. 232
  E-mail Tanisha
Facilities & Maintenance  
Doug Johns 615-794-1247, ext. 215
Director of Facilities & Maintenance E-mail Doug
Report a maintenance issue 615-794-1247
Martece Crawford  
Maintenance Supervisor  
Daniel Paz  
Maintenance Technician  
Michael Wagoner  
Maintenance Technician  
Xavier Clemmons  
Maintenance Technician  

Community Management  
April Wilson 615-721-7123
Community Manager E-mail April
Chickasaw Senior, Brookwood Ave., Edgewood Blvd., Iris Pl., Sunflower Ct., West Meade Blvd.  
Arica Roux 615-721-8445
Community Manager E-mail Arica
Spring & Johnson, Reddick St., Carter, & Battlement  
Atasha Tucker 615-721-8445
Community Manager E-mail Atasha
Spring & Johnson, Reddick St., Carter, & Battlement  
Rebecca Jackson 615-599-1661
Community Manager E-mail Rebecca
Reddick Senior, Natchez Street, Shawnee Dr., Short Court, & Grandbury