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BancorpSouth Grant awarded to Franklin Housing Collaborative

Bancorp South

"We are pleased to support the valuable work you do in our communities to support education, youth, and families by presenting you with a contribution in the amount of $4,000 for the FHC Financial Literacy Empower Program in Williamson County."

"Organizations like yours are key partners as we work together to create economic resilience and financial mobility for families across our footprint. We sincerely value your mission and are honored to advance your efforts to reach our community's most vulnerable."

Summary for Funds:

The funds will be used to purchase financial literacy materials, provide transportation and gas for tours to potential careers, companies, or educational and financial sites, along with meals, social programs, and refreshments, annual zoom fee for virtual workshops, incentives for participants to open a savings account and maintain by adding funds for a 12 to 24-month consecutive period depending on establishing a financial goal. If the participant does not meet the savings goal in the specified time, then the incentive will be transferred into the FOURS scholarship fund to continue assisting youth with higher education to fill the financial gap that is not covered by grants and other scholarships. 

Purpose of Funds:

1) Empower and educate youth through financial education and assistance during/after high school.

2) Empower and educate adults through financial education and assistance with obtaining Individual Development Accounts. 

3) Provide insight and potential career opportunities through tours of companies and education sights that include STEM curriculum.

4) Etiquette workshops and workshops provided through the Department of Labor with American Job Center & BancorpSouth.

5) Bank tours, financial education workshops, first-time home buyer's classes

6) Empower families above age 60+ with social outings, games/prizes, entertainment, and food.