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Resident Charges

List of Miscellaneous Charges

A minimum delivery charge of $9.50 will be made for the delivery of items less than $9.50.  If an emergency call is made after hours, and the maintenance department discovers that the call is not an emergency, the tenant will be charged $75.00.

Returned check fee is $35.00.

No wallpaper, boarder or custom paint colors will be allowed. 

A charge of $75.00 will be imposed for the first time an unauthorized pet is discovered, unless the unauthorized pet is listed below, and this list is not all inclusive:

  • German Shepherd
  • Rottweiler
  • Pit Bull
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Alaskan/Siberian Husky
  • Labrador

The above list and any other dog that is considered a vicious dog will be imposed a charge of $150.00.

Parking/Driving on FHA grass or landscaped areas - $75.00 per occurrence

Leaving Inoperable and/or Abandoned Vehicles on Authority property, parking bays; or on the street - $35.00 per occurrence

Displaying Vehicles of Sale on Authority Property - $35.00 per occurrence

Greasing, Changing Oil or Repairing Vehicles on Authority Property - $35.00 per occurrence

Washing Cars w/FHA Paid Water - $75.00 per occurrence

Swimming Pools on FHA property - $75.00 per occurrence

Basketball Goals - Portable (small or large) - $75.00 per occurrence

Miscellaneous (Trash Non-Compliance, Blocked Egress (Window), any other lease violation that does not have a charge assigned) - $35.00 per occurrence

Smoke Detector - Tampered With and/or Disabled - 1st Offense $80.00; 2nd Offense - Eviction

If damage to property occurs as a result of a tenant's negligence, the tenant must pay the FHA for the deductible amount when the insurance claim is filed.

Garbage cans, window shades and light bulbs are not supplied by the Authority.

NOTE:  Charges for services and equipment not listed below shall be charged to the tenant at FHA's cost plus a labor rate of $19.00/hour.  

Partial List of Charges for Damages/Replacements (Includes Labor Fees)


Refrigerator: Clean $35.00
Crisper Drawer (One or Two Drawer Unit) $40.00 each
Crisper Tops $40.00
Ice Trays $4.00 each
Door Handle $12.00 each
Door Gasket $30.00 each
Light Bulb $2.00 each
Bulb Shield $8.00 each
Door Bars (Refrigerator or Freezer) $20.00 each

Range: Clean $35.00
Drip Pans (8") $5.00 each
Drip Pans (6")$4.00 each
Range Burner (Large - Electric) $15.00 each
Range Burner (Small - Electric)$10.00 each
Door Gasket $15.00 each
Oven Knobs (Gas or Electric) $10.00 each
Burner Knobs (Gas or Electric) $8.00 each
Oven Handle (Gas or Electric) $18.00 each
Hood Filter $12.00 each
Door Gasket (Electric) $20.00 each


Replace Complete Storm Door $150.00 each
Rescreen Regular Storm Door Sections $20.00 each
Replace Screen Frames on Storm Doors $15.00 each
Rescreen Security Screen on Storm Doors $65.00 each
Rescreen Door Sections $15.00 each
Replace Storm Door Latch or Closer $15.00 each
Patching Hole in Door (Less than 6") $20.00 each
Patching Hole in Door (Greater than 6") $40.00 each
Repair Door Jam (one side) $20.00 each
Replace Complete Front/Rear Entry Door $500.00 each
Replace Door Glass $50.00 each section
Replace Plexi Glass $50.00 each section
Replace Interior Door (BR/BA/Closet) Cost plus $25.00


Replace Complete Insulated Window Unit $375.00 each
Replace Complete Single Glaze Window Unit $250.00 each
Replace Complete Storm Unit $50.00 each
Repair/Replace Glass on Storm Unit $25.00 each
Repair/Replace Glass on Insulated Window Unit  $50.00/section
Replace Plexi Glass $35.00 each piece
Replace Screen Frames (per section) $15.00
Replace Window Glass $30.00 each piece
Rescreen Window Sections $15.00 each


Repair and Paint Drywall 2" hole or less $12.00 each
Repair and Paint Drywall 2" - 6" hole $24.00 each
Repair and Paint Drywall 6" - 12" hole $36.00 each
Repair and Paint Drywall 12" or larger hole $50.00 each


Replace 12"x12" Floor Tile $2.50 each


Cabinet drawer knobs, handles, door stops $2.00 each
Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer $4.00 each
Kitchen Sink Stopper $2.50 each
Clean Kitchen Sink $15.00


Light Bulbs (60 watt) $1.00 each
Light Fixture $35.00 each
Light Globes $25.00 each
Light Switch or Receptacle Cover Plate $1.00 each
Wall Thermostat $50.00 each
Wall Thermostat Cover $20.00 each


Change Deadbolt Locks (per door) $25.00 each
Door Key - Delivered $10.00 each
Door Key - Picked Up at Office $3.00 each
Handicap Handle Lockset $30.00 each
Privacy and Passage Lockset $15.00 each
Unlocking Door for Tenant (after hours) $25.00 each


Bathtub/Sink Stopper $2.50 each
Cup, Toothbrush, Toilet Paper Holder $4.00 each
Pull Commode  $45.00 each
Remount Sink $25.00 each
Replace Towel Bar $10.00 each
Replace Sink  $80.00 each
Replace Standard Commode Seat $25.00 each
Replace Handicap Commode Seat $35.00 each
Replace Standard Complete Commode $150.00 each
Replace Handicap Complete Commode $250.00 each
Unstop Sink/Drain $100.00 each
Unstop Tub $100.00 each
Unstop Commode $100.00 each
Clean Commode $15.00
Clean Bathtub $20.00
Clean Bathtub Sink $10.00
Unstop Clogged Drain and Sewer $50.00


Parking in Yards/Driving on FHA Grass (per occurrence) $75.00
Cleaning Yards (per occurrence) $35.00
Replace Mail Box $20.00 each
Unstopping Sewer Line (if tenant related) $35.00 each
Swimming Pools on FHA Property (per occurrence) $75.00
Washing Vehicles using FHA paid water (per occurrence) $75.00
Basketball Goals - Portable (small or large) (per occurrence) $75.00                        
Handrail Bolts  $2.00 each

Revised and Approved on October 26, 2020

Download Printable Version of Maintenance Charges listed above.